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Most of my career was spent in financial services. Primarily I managed fixed income portfolios for insurance companies. I established the Insurance Management Asset division at Bank of America, managing $5.5 Billion of fixed income assets. Later in my career, I sold fixed income assets to institutions. In addition, I earned my CFP and managed assets for individuals.

Early in the pandemic, I discovered an aptitude and interest in programming and became adept at web development. I currently serve as a member of the development team at Foodboss, an online food ordering platform. Although I primarily work on the front end, I have experience with the full stack. I am proficient in React and React Native, Redux, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. On the backend, I have worked with Node.js, Express, and PostgreSQL in addition to less familiar technologies such as hapi and knex. I have also worked extensively several third party packages such as Retool and Expo.

If you'd like to see more details of my professional journey, please View my Resume.